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DreamHost Promo Code

Use the SAVEMONEY DreamHost promo code when you purchase any DreamHost web hosting plan and you will save a huge $50 off the regular plan price! This promo code is valid for all DreamHost plans, including 1-year, 2-year and monthly plans.

What is a DreamHost promo code?

DreamHost allows existing customers to offer substantial discounts when they refer new customers. This is done using special DreamHost promo codes, often called coupon codes. When a new customer signs up for a DreamHost hosting plan, they simply enter the promo code during the sign-up process and the plan cost is slashed.

For example; the Level 1 'Crazy Domain Insane' hosting plan normally costs $9.95 per month (when pre-paid for 12 months) or $119.40 for a full year. Using the SAVEMONEY promo code you will receive an instant $50 discount when signing-up, so the cost to you is reduced to just $69.40, or less than $5.80 per month.

DreamHost also has an exceptional rewards program. They will pay you $97 for each new customer you refer to them. A single referral could be enough to pay for your first years hosting costs.

Using a DreamHost promo code.

To take advantage of the DreamHost promo code, simply go to the DreamHost sign-up page and the SAVEMONEY promo code will be automatically entered in the box provided at the bottom of the sign-up page, slashing the total cost of your hosting plan by $50. If you find that the promo code is not automatically entered, you can enter it manually, as shown in the image below.

Note: The SAVEMONEY promo code can be used to provide a $50 discount on any shared hosting plan, including 1-year, 2-year and monthly plans.

How to enter a promo-code

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